Why not rock?

Selling Hi-Tec products in B2B sounds like a great and easy business. In reality, it is often a painful 1:1 sales process. Little awareness and missing multipliers make it hard to start – with a new product, or in a new market. Vendors often don´t have the power to create the market momentum and scalability they need. Therefore – let’s rock your market together.

  • 100% 100%
  • 22% 22%
  • 15% 15%
  • 10% 10%
  • 5% 5%

Create significant thrust.

At ROCK YOUR MARKET, we help our customers to successfully conquer markets. Our work is based on a systematical and structured approach. With our unique and rocking methodology, we are able to identify the best potential business development engagements for any product and any market.

Gain momentum and awareness.

Vendors use ROCK YOUR MARKET to create momentum and awareness in new markets. They get a CLEAR PICTURE about the market, the potential customers, the accelerators, the relevant media, the influencers as well as all other important elements for their go-to-market planning & execution. Our expertise & findings will definitely help you to better rock your market!

We walk our talk.

We´re curious to execute the newly and individual developed strategies together with customers. With this hands-on experiences, we are able to learn quickly and fine tune the go-to-market model in an early stage. And it´s great fun!

Our Customers.

OUR CUSTOMERS are typically innovative and independent software vendors. Companies with a software as a service business model, or any company with the idea to go-to-market globally. Most of our customers know, how important it is to have a great plan & execution in place.

OUR CUSTOMER´S TARGET MARKETS are mostly in B2B, in vertical industries or in horizontal defined market segments. To give you an example: Right now, we´re working most intensive on global healthcare and customer communication management markets.

Give us a call, we´re happy to tell you more about what we can do for you!

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Guntram Rainer

Founder, Advisor, Business Developer

Guntram is working in the software industry for many years. Before starting ROCK YOUR MARKET, he led local and international sales & marketing teams at software companies such as Oracle, Automic and Microsoft.

He is a creative, persistent and hardworking business developer and advisor. Guntram is well versed in international mainstream and niche software businesses, particularly in software as a service.

He developed unique business development methods to address new markets more systematically and avoiding legacy work practices.



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